Friday, June 26, 2009

Still the best gig of 09 so far

Bit of a late entry as this gig was a while ago, but i went past this flyer and a lot of good memories came flooding back. Check out all these bands, except maybe Common Thread if pub-punk isn't your style.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

fuck kurt, this is the real idol for angst!

walter schreifels



Where did this guy go? he pretty much dominated angsty teen's bedrooms from 1987-2001 and then after island records dropped rival schools, he fell into obscurity with acoustic projects. fair enough, after more than two decades of music that inspired kids to go against the grain, he finally succumbed into complacence, but where can today's teens find their emo outlet from someone who doesn't resemble a fag? men with a practical dress sense and jagged, non-whiny vocals need to get their act together or else this world's going to shit.

Friday, June 12, 2009

the nintendo wii is still cool!

fuck yeah, this shit is old-school!

cell-shaded graphics>anything else!

fuck xbox/ps3. having plain ol' fun is more my style.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Privileged to be featured on a flyer this cool!

holy crap, this flyer for our 25/06/09 arthouse show is amazing!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kickin' it old school!

Just like old times, $5 for 5 bands! (not anymore now, in trenches pulled out because the drummer for them and ire hurt his wrist and only wants to play the ire set. i would've chosen ire aswell hahahaha.)

June 8th: Just played the show a few days ago and it was pretty fucking good. One of the mixers who did Soundwave did the whole bill and it was money well spent (that amount being only $70 per band, which is $20 more than some dudes that are absolutely hopeless at mixing). we kept the set pretty fluid, not stopping too much to shit on like we used to in between songs. the key being that we had A SET LIST! such a no-brainer. tried out my cry baby wah for the solos but that shit was overkill except for "get it all" which suited it fine, the other solos sounded ridiculous like when you see kirk hammett drown out perfectly good solos (except my solos are crap!) with his wah so much that it's cringe-worthy. it seems we're learning more and more rapidly how to improve our sets which will come in handy once we start doing serious shit like hitting the road. but for now we're just having fun and not worrying too much about mistakes, and more so learning from them.
the other bands were insanely good aswell. young bloods, Vultures kicked serious arse, which took me by surprise because their myspace recordings are a bit on the dodgy side. Ire were as always excellent. tight as fuck and heavier than hell. Hopeless were on the same level, despite the drummer having one arm to play with because the other was broken. Ruled the drums better than that dude from Def Lepard!
For a $5 show, it was definitely worth the cash and it becoming more apparent that the arthouse is still keeping up its reputation as a great live venue in terms of quality of bands, sound engineers, open space and even bar prices and it's upstairs beer garden. 2009 is definitely a good year for punk/metal/ good, i might have to invest in a camera to make note of these gigs!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some aussie bands that have been blowing my mind as of late...

Anchors (melodic, breakneck speed punk)

The Hawaiian Islands (Bronx inspired gritty rock)

Grenadiers ((ex-rivalry members) Melodic, catchy hard rock)

Tenth Dan (Faster than hell itself, tight as a virgin's cunt thrash/metalcore)

Mindset (Major scale mosh!)

...seriously do yourself a favour and buy their cds and go to their shows. it'll be money well-spent.

I think I've found the guitar just for me...

It's an ibanez prestige RG3750Z (well, from what i know!). i've played one a few times at a guitar shop near my work, but the one they had had the ugliest finish. this one is just fucking awesome and they sound good too. i've noticed that out of the 'metal guitars' ibanez's always have the heavier bodies and like gibsons, it gives out an awesome ballsy tone. this live pic of bonded by blood wailing on these beauts really did it for me...

definitely keen on Alex Lee's colour!

Guitar Hero: Metallica

loving this game. seriously one of the most addictive games i've ever played. Will post my expert top scores soon!