Monday, August 10, 2009

my top 5 favourite bars in melbourne

1. sister bellas

sure it's small, but it's dimmed lights and pre-loved decor make this place extremely cosy to drink in. there's also some great meals that are quite affordable ranging from pastas to focaccias to even pizzas. colourful staff and friendly patrons make this place suitable for either a drink with friends or even a quiet drink alone after a shopping spree in the city.

22 drewery place, city

2. carlton club

it's red velvety walls and large taxidermy animals make the atmosphere feel quite warm, and even warmer when it's full of it's mixed variety of patrons. the booths are great if you want to keep yourself closed off from distractions whether it be on a date or having a meeting with collegues. there's a great range of liquor to choose from and the dining menu is really well thought out and is even better when it's half priced dinner on monday nights!

193 bourke street, city

3. the croft institute

the croft is well known for its science lab theme downstairs and gymnasium theme upstairs, but the best thing about this place is the massive know-how of the bar staff. the downstairs bar features some very knowledgeable bartenders, who make a large array of exotic drinks with great attention-to-detail. the liquor range again, is quite varied and the bar manager has made the very smart decision of ridding the place of anything of poor taste (i.e. jim beam, CUB beers, midori etc.) which challenges patrons to try something new and gain an understanding of what good quality liquor is all about.

21 croft alley, city

4. the night cat, fitzroy

the night cat in fitzroy is probably one of the most consistently crowded bar/nightclubs in melbourne. the reason is simple: great live music free of charge. sure, you have to pay for water and the cheapest alcoholic drink is $6, but it's the price to pay to enjoy some of the best live music in melbourne - that you can dance to! you can enjoy the live music in 360 degrees, as the stage is set right in the middle of the club!

141 johnston street, fitzroy

5. rooftop bar (summer only)

this bar is the king of summer, hands down. it's a complete open space with fold out chairs, banana lounges and even bean bags laid out on a large square of synthetic grass. the place is full of people littered on the floor and around tables and the chatter fills the air, giving the place a really exciting atmosphere. mostly definitely enjoyed more with friends. and make sure you're dressed for the heat. black jeans are worn at patron's own risk!

level 7, curtin house, 252 swanston street, city

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